Videos from the 2020 Camphill Research Symposium available now

This year we were delighted to welcome audiences from around the world as we celebrated the publication of Camphill and the Future: Spirituality and Disability in an Evolving Communal Movement, a new book by long-time Camphill friend and Harvard professor Dan McKanan.

Friends from around the world joined us in November for three international, interactive sessions to explore the Camphill Movement’s past, present, and future. Our Research Symposium topics included:

  • Generational transitions in Camphill’s 80-year history,
  • How different groups of community members—including community
    members with and without disabilities, volunteers, employees, families,
    and board members—contribute to community development,
  • Questions for the future of Camphill in its relationship to
    anthroposophical spirituality, other communal movements and disability
Since 2014, the Camphill Research Symposium has opened a space for dialogue between the Camphill movement and academic researchers. Supported through the generosity of our colleagues at The Camphill Foundation, the Camphill Reseach Symposium has grown each year. In 2019, Camphill Academy and the Camphill Foundaiton collaborated with the International Communal Studies Association to bring their triennial conference to Camphill communities in upstate New York.
Videos from the 2019 and 2020 Research Symposium, as well as other academic research on the Camphill movement, are available for viewing on the Camphill Research Network.

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