Registration for the 2022 Camphill Research Symposium is now live!

The 2022 Camphill Research Symposium will take place November 10-11 online and in-person at Camphill Soltane in Glenmoore PA.

To read more about our in-person and online sessions, visit the Symposium’s page on the Camphill Research Network.

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image of two people talking at the 2019 Camphill Research Symposium
Image from the 2019 Camphill Research Symposium

The Camphill Research Symposium is dedicated to encouraging dialogue between academics and the Camphill movement, so we have taken steps this year to integrate this dialogue not only between our sessions but within our sessions. Many of our sessions include both academics and community members in dialogue, whether in a “response” format, as a panel, or by extending research questions into the future.

Moreover, we designed the 2022 Camphill Research Symposium to overcome two major obstacles in academic conferences: accessibility and ongoing dialogue. Our hybrid format and follow-up activities will address these two challenges.

Hybrid Format

After two years online, we are enthusiastic to bring the Camphill Research Symposium back into one of our communities. At the same time, we learned how fruitful online conversations can be to cultivate international ties and bring in more diverse perspectives. Because of this, we developed our hybrid format to capture the best of both worlds (and hopefully avoid the pitfalls of each). Online sessions will be fully online via Zoom, but our in-person sessions will be recorded (but not streamed live). We will share these recordings online via the Camphill Research Network website. This format encourages everyone’s participation “in the moment” but still enables everyone to access the sessions on-demand.

To further enable access to all who wish to participate, the Camphill Research Symposium is a free event thanks to the generous support of the Camphill Foundation and the curation of the Camphill Academy.

A screenshot of people from the 2021 Camphill Research Symposium
Image from the 2021 Camphill Research Symposium

The Festival: An Exhibition of artwork from the Carlo Pietzner Collection

An oil painting of a blue figure representing death riding a horse. Floating above the horse and rider is an angelic being in bright red and orange. The painting is part of the art exhibition that will be part of the Camphill Research Symposium
Carlo Pietzner, 1975, oil on canvas

We are thrilled that this year’s Symposium will feature a reception to open The Festival: An Exhibition of artwork from the Carlo Pietzner Collection. Featuring artwork from Carlo Pietzner, George Kalmar, and M.C. Richards, this collection is a testament to the artistic legacy of the Camphill movement. To learn more about the collection and view work from the artists, visit the Camphill Research Network.

CRS flyer

We look forward to seeing you in-person and online, so click here to register today!

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