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Intentional Community

Ordinary or meaningful lives? ‘Deep personalization and the under-explored contribution of village and intentional communities ( International Journal of Developmental Disabilities: Vol. 61, Issue 2 )Maria Lyons2015This article presents the argument that policy rhetoric surrounding personalization is contradicted by practices which marginalize the efforts of types of voluntary community action which do not conform to a centralized vision of social progress. It illustrates this by using examples of the tendency for village and intentional communities to be either ignored or misrepresented by politicians and academics. It suggests that a specific contribution of these initiatives may be an interpretation of community which begins with concrete and personal meanings rather than abstract or general means; hence, they can be seen as exemplifying versions of ‘deep’ personalization. It proposes that to bring rhetoric closer to reality in the quest for personalization requires both policy-makers and researchers to pay less attention to forms of community and more attention to the experiences that legitimize (or discredit) them. Supporting the right of people with intellectual disabilities to pursue whatever combination of environment, relationships, dwellings, facilities, routines, and activities best enhances their ability to discover and sustain meaning in their day-to-day lives is more than an essential of personalization; it is an essential of a democratic society.Click here
Camphill Village Kimberton Hills: Innovations in Intentional Supportive Community Living ( Philadelphia Social Innovations Journal: September 2011)Diedra Heitzman Jessica Yen2011Click here
Characteristics, supports, and quality of life of Irish adults with intellectual disability in life-sharing residential communities ( Journal of Intellectual Developmental Disabilities: Vol. 35, Issue 2 )A. Fahey P. N. Walsh E. Emerson S. Guerin2010Click here
People with an intellectual disability living in an intentional community ( Journal of Intellectual Disability Research: Vol. 53, Issue 8 )M. Randell S. Cumella2009Click here
Appreciating the global in community practice: Camphill, Gaviotas and intentional communityJournal of Community Practice2005Click here
Village communities: time for an informed debate ( Community Living: Vol. 14, Issue 3 )David Coe Colin Haldane Robin Jackson2001Click here
The case for village communities for adults with learning disabilities: an exploration of the concept ( Journal of Learning Disabilities for Nursing Health and Social Care: Vol. 3, Issue 2 )Robin Jackson1999Click here
The case for village communities for people with learning disabilities ( British Journal of Nursing: Vol. 23, Issue 2 )Caroline Cox1995Click here

Spiritual Wellbeing

Promoting the spiritual well-being of children and young people with special needs ( Scottish Journal  of Residential Child Care: Vol. 2, Issue 1 )Robin Jackson Angelika Monteux2003Click here
The spiritual dimension in child and youth work ( International Child and Youth Care Network: Issue 57 )Robin Jackson2003Click here

Social Threefolding

Review Essay: Functional Threefoldness in the Human Organism and Human Society ( Research on Steiner Education: Vol. 4, Issue 1 )Maria Lyons2014Click Here
Community Supported Agriculture and ThreefoldingNoel Bruder2014Coming Soon
Exploring the Social Question ( The Social Crediter: Vol. 88, Issue 2 )Maria Lyons2012Click Here
Proposals and Activities for a Threefold Social Order in Britain c.1920 – c.1950Mike Tyldesley1997

Inclusion & Public Policy

Charity cases?  ( Learning Disability Today: Vol. 15, Issue 4 )Robin Jackson2015Click here
The micro-institutionalisation of social care provision  ( Royal College of Psychiatrists Newsletter: July 2015 )Robin Jackson2015Click Here
The empty rhetoric of inclusion  ( Learning Disability Today: Vol. 15, Issue 3 )Robin Jackson2015Click Here
What counts as a community? Alternative approaches to inclusion and developmental disability ( International Journal of Developmental Disabilities: Vol. 61, Issue 2 )Pamela Cushing2015Click Here
Community inclusion: ideology, market forces and technology ( International Journal of Developmental Disabilities: Vol. 61, Issue 2 )Robin Jackson2015Click Here
Ideology, disability and inclusion: a polemical discourse ( International Journal on Disability and Human Development: Vol. 13, Issue 1 )Robin Jackson2014Click Here
The St. Andrew’s Project: Building inclusion through ‘Outcomes that Matter’ ( Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care: Vol. 12, Issue 2 )Chris Walter2013Click Here
The Impact of ideology on provision of services for people with a learning disability ( International Journal of Developmental Disabilities: Vol. 58, Issue 1 )Robin Jackson Helen Irvine2011
Family life and the impact of previous and present residential and day care support for children with major cognitive and behavioural challenges: a dilemma for services and policy ( Journal of Intellectual Disability Research: Vol. 55, Issue 9 )R.I. Brown S. Geider A. Primrose N.S. Jokinen2011Click Here
Challenges of residential and community care: ‘The times they are a-changin’ ( Journal of Intellectual Disability Research )Robin Jackson2011
Discovering Camphill: A Personal Narrative ( Scottish Journal of Residential Care: Vol. 11 )Thom Garfat2011Click Here
Independence without IsolationM. Drinkwater2011Not Available
Is Inclusion a Civic Virtue? Cosmopolitanism, Disability, and the Liberal State ( Social Theory and Practice: Vol. 33, Issue 4 )Shelley Burrt2007Click Here
Dare to be different ( International Child and Youth Care Network: Issue 77 )Mark Smith2005Click Here
Does advocacy have a future? ( Journal on Developmental Disability: Vol. 12, Issue 1 )Robin Jackson2005Click Here
Well-being and social inclusion in Camphill schools and communitiesPamela Cushing2004Coming Soon
‘Ships in a harbour are safe, but that is not what ships are built for’: care in the community ( Journal of Social Work Practice: Vol. 4, Issue 1 )Tamsin Cottis1989Click Here

Therapeutic Practice

Camphill at Seventy-Five: Developmental Communalism in Process ( Communal Societies: Vol. 35, Issue 1 )Dan McKanan2016Click Here
The Camphill Movement in the United States and Czech Republic ( COMENIUS: Journal of Euro-American Civilization: Vol. 3, Issue 2 )Sarka Klimova2016Click Here
Politics and intellectual disability in England: an historical perspective ( International Journal of Developmental Disabilities )Robin Jackson2016Click Here
Creating a Therapeutic Environment: A holistic approach ( International Child And Youth Care Network: Issue 179 )Robin Jackson2014Click Here
Camphill Communities: The agricultural impulse ( Relational Child and Youth Care Practice: Vol. 26, Issue 2 )Robin Jackson2013Click Here
May the Meal be Blessed: Exploring the dynamics of a meal ( Scottish Affairs: Issue 85, p. 75 )Miriam Snellgrove2013Click Here
The effect of light intensity and noise on the classroom behaviours of pupils with Asperger syndrome ( Support for Learning: Vol. 24, Issue 4 )Bernhard Menzinger Robin Jackson2009Click Here
Intensive interaction with autistic childrenChris Walter2008Coming Soon
An introduction to Camphill communities and the BA in Curative Education ( Scottish Journal of Residential Child Care : Vol. 3, Issue 1 )Norma Hart Angelika Monteux2004Click Here
The acquisition of speech through speech-movement therapy: an exploratory study ( British Journal of Developmental Disabilities: Vol. 49, Issue 96 )Annelies Brüll2003Click Here
Curative education degree route as a new theory-practice path to Child and Youth Care qualification ( International Child and Youth Care Network: Issue 54 )Robin Jackson2003Click Here
Conceptions of therapeutic work in therapeutic communities ( International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy: Vol. 6, Issue 3 )Michael Bloor Neil McKeganey1986Click Here
Rudolf Steiner’s anthroposophy and curative education: the possibility of an adequate ethnography ( International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy: Vol. 4, Issue 1 )Neil McKeganey1984Click Here
Artistic Therapies in the Rudolf Steiner School for Curative Education ( Australian Journal of Mental Retardation: Vol. 4, Issue 7 )Susan Haris1977Click Here

Social Pedagogy

Towards a Psycho-Social Pedagogy as a Relational Practice and Perspective ( Organisational and Social Dynamics: Vol. 13, Issue 2 )Lita Crociani-Windland2013Click here
The Origin of Camphill and the Social Pedagogic Impulse ( Educational Review: Vol. 63, Issue 1 )Robin Jackson2011Click here
The story of Matthew: an ecological approach to assessmentChris Walter2007Coming Soon
The role of social pedagogy in the training of residential child care workers ( Journal of Intellectual Disabilities: Vol. 10 )Robin Jackson2006Click here

Special Education

Residential special education, market forces and integration: Caught between a rock and a hard place? ( Scottish Journal of Residential Care: Vol. 7, Issue 2 )Robin Jackson2008Click here
Residential special schooling: the inclusive option! ( Scottish Journal of Residential Care: Vol. 3, Issue 2 )Robin Jackson2004Click here
No doubt she’s really a little princess: a case study of trouble in a therapeutic community ( Sociological Review: Vol. 32, Issue 2 )Neil McKeganey1984Click here
The Cocktail Party Syndrome ( Sociology of Health and Illness: Vol. 5, Issue 1 )Neil McKeganey1989Click here


Dr Karl Koenig: a brief survey of his extraordinary early years ( Scottish Medical Journal: Vol. 59, Issue 2 )Robin Jackson2014Click here
The Austrian provenance of the worldwide Camphill Movement ( Journal of Austrian Studies: Vol. 46, Issue 4 )Robin Jackson2013Click here
Karl Koenig: the Austrian refugee doctor who founded a worldwide movement in Scotland (Scottish Medical Journal: Vol. 58, Issue 2)Robin Jackson2013Click here
Karl Koenig, Stanley Segal and Herbert Gunzburg: Pioneers in the field of intellectual disability in Britain ( International Journal of Developmental Disabilities: Vol. 59, Issue 1 )Robin Jackson2013Click here
The Brethren Community: Gnadenfrei in SilesiaRobin Jackson (Ed.)2009Click here
The Camphill Movement: The Moravian Connection ( Journal of Moravian History: Vol. 13, Issue 1 )Robin Jackson2008Click here
The Origins of Camphill: The Haughtons of Williamston: Part 1: Theodore Haughton ( Camphill Correspondence )Robin Jackson2006
The Origins of Camphill: The Haughtons of Williamston: Part 2: Emily Haughton ( Camphill Correspondence )Robin Jackson2006
Camphill Movement: The vision of Karl Koenig ( Encounter: Education for Meaning and Social Justice: Vol. 19, Issue 3 )Robin Jackson2006
Anthroposophical Curative Education in the Third Reich: The Advantages of an Outsider ( Scandinavian Journal of Disability Research: Vol. 7, Issue 3-4 )Bente Edlund2005Click here
Approaching Camphill: from the Boundary ( British Journal of Special Education: Vol. 18, Issue 2 )Steve Baron Douglas Haldane1991Click here

Agriculture & Ecology

Coming Soon!

Adult Education

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Research Methods

Enriching research on developmental disability: the fieldwork advantage ( Anthropology News: Vol. 39, Issue 4 )Pamela Cushing2008Click Here


Discovering Camphill: New perspectives, research and developments ( Communal Societies Journal: Vol. 32, Issue 2 )Pamela Cushing2011Click Here
Discovering Camphill: New Perspectives, Research and Developments (British Journal of Learning Disabilities: Vol. 39, Issue 3)Simon Jarrett2011Click Here
Review of Person-centered planning and care management with people with learning disabilities ( Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities: Vol. 6, Issue 1 )Robin Jackson2009Click Here
Review of Achievement and Inclusion in schools ( Policy and Practice in Intellectual Disabilities: Vol 6, Issue 4 )Robin Jackson2009Click Here
Review of ‘Quality of Life and Disability: An Approach for Community Practitioners’ ( British Journal of Developmental Disabilities: Vol. 5, Issue 1 )Robin Jackson2004Click Here
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