Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition: Creating Paths Beyond Disability

stylized logo for Camphill Initiatives for Social EcologyOn April 28, our colleagues at Camphill Initiatives for Social Ecology will host a free webinar featuring Fionn and Jonathan Angus as part of their 2022 symposium.

Fionn Angus and his father, Jonathan, are Citizen Network Global Ambassadors. This son-and-father team lives in Galway and operates one of Ireland’s first self-directed support packages through the HSE Personalised Budgets. Fionn, who has Down Syndrome, is the manager, and Jonathan is his employee. Fionn and Jonathan are Citizen Researchers who work alongside and independent of more traditional academics. Their work has earned them the respect of seasoned researchers and policymakers. They have presented their discoveries in dozens of college programs and conferences in eight countries.

The ‘Living a Connected Life, Freedom from Exclusion‘ symposium takes place throughout 2022. To join the symposium mailing list, email

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Image listing upcoming speakers for the "Living a connected life" spring and summer series

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