PhD and MA Dissertations

United Kingdom Dissertations

“A lot of it is too subtle to actually demonstrate”: a study of social pedagogy skills with Camphill practitioners who work with young people (MRes thesis, University of Aberdeen)John Ralph2014 pdf_logo
Playing with Fire: Using a drama production to facilitate the development of young adults with complex needs (MA thesis, Rudolf Steiner University College)Mike Chase2014 pdf_logo
The Road to Nowhere? A critical case study of the political discourses in the debates around the decision to construct a bypass road around Aberdeen (PhD thesis, Robert Gordon University)Nicola Furrie2014Click Here
The House Camphill Built: Identity, Self and Other (PhD thesis, University of Edinburgh)Miriam Snellgrove2013 pdf_logo
Psychological Contract and Intentional Communities (MA thesis, Dublin City University)Brigitta O’Conner2013 pdf_logo
Valuing Camphill (MA thesis, Dublin City University)Noel Bruder2012 pdf_logo
The Crisis in Education and Man’s Truncated Existence (PhD thesis, University of Kent)Maria Lyons2011 pdf_logo
Camphill: Understanding children and childhood (MA thesis, University of Strathclyde)Chris Walter2010 pdf_logo
In the Nearness of our Striving: Camphill Communities Re-Imagining Disability and Society (BA thesis, Brown University)Zoë Brennan-Krohn2009 pdf_logo
Camphill – An Island of Promise: Myth or Reality? (MA thesis, University of Strathclyde)Manuela Costa2008 pdf_logo
Personal and Professional Development in the Context of Anthroposophical Curative Education as Practiced in Camphill CommunityAngelika Monteux2003 pdf_logo
How can I assess qualities rather than isolated skills (in the context of the BA in Curative Education)?Angelika Monteux2003 pdf_logo
The Social Organisation of Everyday Therapeutic Work: Making the backstage visible in a Camphill Rudolf Steiner Therapeutic Community (PhD thesis, Aberdeen University)Neil McKeganey1983Click Here

North America Dissertations

Curative Stories and its Healing Power (MA thesis, Antioch University)Gleice Paulino da Silva2018 pdf_logo
Sustainability Reporting for the Common Good: Case study of Camphill Special School (BA thesis, Lahti University of Applied Sciences)Sebastian Boele2015Click Here
Snakes and Ladders: Emergence of Deep Power in Transformational Change (PhD thesis, Australian National University.  NB: Researched in Canada, South Africa, Botswana and Norway)Julia Wolfson2013 pdf_logo
Creative Living: Inside a Community for Children with Autism (PhD thesis, Wright Institute)Judith Schapiro2009Awaiting Permission
Camphill Communities in Disparate Socio-Legal Environments: Negotiating Community Life for Adults with Developmental Disabilities in Germany and the United States (PhD thesis, University of Hawaii)Janelle Christensen2005 pdf_logo
The philosophical analysis of the contribution of Karl Konig to the education of the exceptional child (PhD thesis, University of Southern California)William Dyfrig Evans1982Click Here

Central Europe Dissertations

A Way to Touch: Using Touch in Eurythmy Lessons for Students with Special Needs (MA thesis, Alanus Hochschule)Ute Heuser2017 pdf_logo
Karl Koenigs Beitrag zur musiktherapeutischen Arbeit mit Gehoerlosen (MA dissertation, Hochschule Magdeburg-Stendal)Katarina Seeherr2016 pdf_logo
Grundlegendes zur angewandten Eurythmietherapie für die Arbeit am Bildschirm (MA dissertation)Elisabeth Holling2011 pdf_logo

Northern Europe Dissertations

The Felicity of a Kitchen Table: Reflections on Common Space within a Residential Social Therapeutic Setting (MA thesis, Rudolf Steiner University College: Oslo)Corinna Balavoine2013 pdf_logo
Borderlands: A Study of the Aesthetic-Practical Environment and its Pedagogical and Therapeutic Properties (MA thesis, Stokholm University: Haga Foundation and Kristofferschool)Ruhi Tyson2011 pdf_logo
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