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Carlo Pietzner* was an artist, and approached both his life and work artistically. He had a Viennese heritage, which perhaps predisposed him to aesthetics, culture, and a kind of easy-goingness that made him feel authentic and natural. Yet he also had a strictness and discipline that may equally have come from the necessities of an early war-time existence, the rigorous tutelage under Dr. König, the serious lifelong study of spiritual science, and the discipline and trials of have pioneered Camphill and community building in a variety of new settings.

These included Scotland, N. Ireland and the United States. These elements in combination made Carlo an individuality who enjoyed people and had an extensive international “network”, as we would call it today. He was creative and imaginative in social and community life, yet also pragmatic and a “doer” in building and sculpting social forms and vibrant communities.

Carlo had formative roles not only in Camphill, but the Anthroposophical Council and the rapidly growing international settings for curative work. He collaborated with Edmund Pracht on the development of the Color Light Therapy, evidence of a deep commitment to anthroposophically oriented curative innovation. His range of activities evidenced a wide, and colorful, landscape of creative engagement, as author and playright, painter, social sculptor and community-builder, until his death in April, 1986.

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Photo Credit: Thanks to Anne-Kathrin Weise for photographing the artwork.
Biography Credit: Thanks to Cornelius Pietzner for this biography.

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