Camphill Research Symposium

The 2021 Camphill Research Symposium will continue our international conversations looking towards the past, present, and future of the Camphill Movement. This year, the Camphill Foundation and Camphill Academy have partnered with the International Camphill Movement Group to identify the themes, questions, and projects that are animating our communities around the globe. This year’s Symposium featured three weeks of concurrent sessions, including panel presentations, workshops, and discussions. All sessions will be recorded and made available after the event.

Session C: New Journeys through the Calendar of the Soul

Richard Steel will present the Calendar of the Soul and open new avenues for research and activity—historical, artistic, social, and spiritual—with this mighty spiritual resource. Out of this session may emerge research topics that could find expression in the Karl König Institute’s forthcoming international exhibition of the Calendar of the Soul images. Presented by Richard Steel.
NOV 11

Session D: Camphill and COVID-19: A Workshop Designing a Research Study

Every Camphill community has been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, and people around the world are curious to know if intentional communities have any special wisdom to share about staying healthy and connected during such a crisis. But in order to share the Camphill story, we need to decide what parts of the story are most important! This workshop will BEGIN the process of designing a research study on Camphill’s experience with COVID-19. The process will begin with a brief Zoom poll containing questions that might be included in a survey of Camphill communities. The presenter will then share a draft of a larger survey, and we will discuss ways to improve it. Finally, we will brainstorm a plan for finalizing the survey and distributing it to all Camphill communities. Workshop led by Dan McKanan.
NOV 11

Session E: Exploring the Young Coworker Experience: A Workshop Designing a Research Study

Young coworkers have always been an integral part of the Camphill experience, yet they have rarely been the primary topic of Camphill research. What’s more, the Camphill movement has seldom sought to partner with the vast numbers of former young coworkers in pursuing its larger mission of social renewal. In response to growing curiosity about the young coworker experience, this workshop will begin designing a research study that might include surveys of past and present young coworkers, as well as leaders of each community. Workshop led by Dan McKanan.
NOV 18

Session F: The Camphill Research Network: A Presentation and Workshop to Carry Camphill Research Into the Future

This session will take up a challenge posed at the conclusion of last year’s Camphill Research Symposium: how can we work collaboratively to support research and inquiry of all kinds (academic, practical, spiritual) within the Camphill Movement internationally? The session will explore different kinds of research and inquiry that live within the Camphill Movement, what resources we have at our disposal, gather urgent questions for the future, and take steps to establish a living “international Camphill Research Network.”
NOV 18

Recordings from the 2020 Camphill Research Symposium

Selected lectures from the 2019 joint Camphill Research Symposium & International Communal Studies Association conference

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