Art in Community–Community as Art: Karl König's Therapeutic Impulse for the Illness of His–and Our–Time (Berlin: Karl König Institute)Richard Steel2020
Camphill and the Future
Spirituality and Disability in an Evolving Communal Movement (University of California Press)
Daniel McKanan2020Available open access from the publisher. Subject of the 2020 Camphill Research Symposium.Click Here
Institutional Violence and Disability: Punishing ConditionsKate Rossiter and Jen Rinaldi2019Concluding chapter examines Camphill, L'Arche, and Geel as "the organizational inverse of institutions" (94).Click Here
Anthroposophy and the History and Future of Environmentalism (University of California Press)
Daniel McKanan2017Contains a chapter on "The Broader Ecology of Camphill." Reader response panel featured at the 2019 Camphill Research Symposium.Click Here
Community Care and Inclusion for people with an Intellectual Disability (Edinburgh: Floris Books)Robin Jackson Maria Lyons (Eds.)2016Click Here
Understanding and Applying the Fourfold Approach to the Human Being (Camphill School Aberdeen)Annelies Bruell (Ed.)2015
We Sit Together : Utopian Benches From the Shakers to The Separatists of Zoar (Princeton Architectural Press)Francis Cape2013Contains a chapter on Kepler and Rose Hall in Camphill Village Kimberton Hills (USA).

From AbeBooks: "Whether for protest, religious congress, companionship, eating, or comfort, sitting communally remains one of the most powerful and prevalent of human social activities. This simple act held special significance in numerous utopian communities that emerged in nineteenth-century America, and was given physical presence in the form of a variety of styles of wooden benches. Fascinated by these expressions of harmony and equality, renowned British artist Francis Cape sought out and made measured drawings of remaining examples. We Sit Together presents twenty-five of Cape's beautifully reconstructed benches drawn from twenty utopian sects—active from 1732 to the present—ranging from well-known communities like the Shakers to more obscure groups like the Separatists of Zoar. Featuring crisp photographs and lovingly handmade drawings, this rarely seen slice of Americana will appeal to the collector, woodworker, student of American history, or anyone who just likes to take a seat."
Click Here
Spiritual and Visionary Communities : Out to Save the World (Routledge)Timothy Miller (Ed.)2013Chapter by Jan Martin Bang on "Spirituality in the Camphill Villages"
Available as eBook by Taylor & Frances
Click Here
Globalization of Communes : 1950-2010
Yaacov Oved2013Camphill is featured throughout, but not as a special focus. Included on this list as an example of Camphill within communal studies literature.
Available as eBook byTaylor & Frances
Click Here
Discovering Camphill: New Perspectives, Research and Developments (Edinburgh: Floris Books)Robin Jackson (Ed.)2011Click Here
Shared Lives: Building relationships and community with people who have intellectual disabilities (Rotterdam: Sense Publishing)Roy McConkey John Dunne Nick Blitz2009Click Here
Rethinking Residential Child Care: Positive perspectives (Bristol: The Policy Press)Mark Smith2009Click Here
Dr Karl Konig and the Camphill Community in Refugee Organizations in Britain 1933-1945 (New York: Radopi)J.M. Ritchie2008Click Here
'I Didn't Want to Float; I Wanted to Belong to Something' : Refugee Organizations in Britain 1933-1945 (Amsterdam: Rodopi)Anthony Grenville and Andrea Reiter (Eds.)2008Chapter by JM Ritchie on "Karl König and the Camphill Community"Click Here
Touching the World: Christian communities transforming society (Minnesota: Liturgical Press)Dan McKanan2007Click Here
Spiritual healing with children with special needs (Thornbury: Camphill Community School)Bob Woodward2007Click Here
Beyond Loneliness and Institutions: Communes for extraordinary people (Oslo: Norwegian University Press)Nils Christie2007Click Here
Autism: a holistic approach (Edinburgh: Floris Books)Bob Woodward Marga Hogenboom2007Click Here
Holistic Special Education: Camphill Principles and Practice (Edinburgh: Floris Books)Robin Jackson (Ed.)2006Click Here
Spiritual Well-being of Adults with Down Syndrome (Down Syndrome Issues & Information) (Southsea: Down Syndrome Educational Trust)Michael Crompton Robin Jackson2004Click Here
Living with Genetic Syndromes associated with Intellectual Disability (London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers)Marga Hogenboom1999Click Here
Beyond Fear: Vision, Hope and Generosity (Edinburgh: St. Andrew Press)A.R. Morton (Ed.)1998Click Here
One Foot in Eden: Sociological Study of the Range of Therapeutic Community Practice ( London: Routledge)Michael Bloor Neil McKeganey J.D. Fonkert1998Click Here
Bound to Care: An Anthology: Family Experiences of Mental Handicap (Dundee: RESCARE)Robin Jackson (Ed.)1996
Education for Special Needs: Principles and practice in Camphill Schools (Edinburgh: Floris Books)Henning Hansmann1992Click Here
Community Normality and Difference: Meeting Special Needs (Aberdeen: Aberdeen University Press)Steve Baron Douglas Haldane (Eds.)1992Click Here
The Place of Special Villages and Residential Communities (Oxon: AB Academic Publishers)Stanley Segal (Ed.)1990Click Here
Living Buildings : an Expression of Fifty Years of Camphill : Halls and Chapels of the Camphill Movement (Bieldside: Camphill Architects)Joan Allen1990
The Therapeutic Community Movement: Charisma and Routinization (London: Routledge)Nick Manning1989Click Here
Children in Need of Special Care (London: Souvenir Press)Thomas Weihs (Revised by Hailey, Hailey & Blitz)1987Click Here
Toward Wholeness : Rudolf Steiner Education in America (Wesleyan University Press)M.C. Richards1980Chapter on "Camphill in America: Mental Handicap and a New Social Impulse."
Available from Project MUSE
Click Here
Communes in Britain (London: Routledge and Kegan Paul)Andrew Rigby1974Click Here
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