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The Camphill Research Network is an informal network for anyone interested in research related to Camphill communities and the wider intentional community movement.

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“I + U = We” New article from Camphill Academy alumnus

The human being is a social being. We continuously practice the connection between I and You. Eurythmy supports this – it holds the thought that we are connected, the joy of moving together, and offers a non-confrontational way of awakening to the reality of a group. Also, whenever we can create a healthy circle of

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Research News

Registration is open for the 2020 Camphill Research Symposium!

  2020 Camphill Research Symposium registration is open! Join us for this year’s Camphill Research Symposium – November 5, 12, 19 – 11:00-1:00pm EST on Zoom Click here to register today!    Join us this November for three interactive sessions to explore the Camphill Movement’s past, present, and future. We are delighted to welcome audiences

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Research News

From Inclusion to Community: lecture from the 2019 Camphill Research Symposium

Last July, Camphill communities in upstate New York hosted the joint International Communal Studies Association and Camphill Research Symposium conference. Our colleagues at the Camphill Foundation have published a number of Camphill Research Symposium lectures online, and we’ve made them available through the Camphill Research Network! The 2019 Camphill Research Symposium was unforgettable. The conversations

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