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Welcome to the Camphill Research Network!

Curated and managed by the Camphill Academy.

The Camphill Research Network is an informal network for anyone interested in research related to Camphill communities and the wider intentional community movement.

The aims of the Network are to:

  • Host an up-to-date and comprehensive bibliography and library of existing research on Camphill, including academic papers, research reports and dissertations;
  • Facilitate contact and communication between people interested in conducting or supporting Camphill-related research;
  • Provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of ideas related to research on Camphill and other intentional communities;
  • Build capacity for research projects within Camphill and in collaboration with other groups and organisations;
  • Raise the profile and increase understanding of the work and practices of intentional communities, by fostering greater communication, transparency and critical reflection.

Latest News

Research News

Experiences of Community: New research from Andrew Plant

Our colleague Andrew Plant has published a new research project, available now on the Camphill Research Network. Andrew has been a coworker and researcher in the Camphill movement for 40 years, and has written extensively on archetypal processes of change within the Camphill movement, including in “Communities in Transition” (2008); “The Paradoxes of Community” (2013)

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A row of books featuring Karl Konig.
Research News

New Research: Camphill Academy faculty Master’s theses now available on Camphill Research Network

We’re happy to announce that two new Master’s theses have been added to the Camphill Research Network website, from faculty members of the Camphill Academy’s Curative Education program! Ute Heuser, a eurythmy teacher at the Camphill School and instructor in the Camphill Academy wrote her thesis–A Way to Touch: Using Touch in Eurythmy Lessons for

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